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Mr. Warden, said the Lady, considerably offended, you are my husbands ancient friend, and I believe your love sincere to him and to his household. Yet let me say, that when I alt stories text repository you for counsel, I expected not this asperity of rebuke. If I have done wrong in loving this poor orphan alt stories text repository more than others of his class, I scarce think the error merited such severe censure; and if stricter discipline were required to keep his fiery temper in order, it ought, I think, to be considered, that I am a woman, and that if I have erred in this matter, it becomes a friends part rather to aid than to rebuke me. I would these evils were taken order alt stories text repository before my lords return. He loves not domestic discord or domestic brawls; and I would not willingly that he thought such could arise from one whom I favoured-What do you counsel me to do. Dismiss this youth from your service, madam, replied the preacher. You cannot bid me do so, said the Lady; you cannot, as a Christian and a man of humanity, bid me turn away an unprotected creature against whom my favour, my injudicious favour if you will, has reared up so many enemies.
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